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Home buying is much like building a puzzle� there are many pieces that must fit perfectly together to make it complete. Relocation Essentials takes pride in offering you the tools that will ensure your home buying experience includes all of the right community pieces to create the perfect fit for you and your family. Use this valuable set of tools to explore the many facets of a new area.

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Our Exclusive Homebuyer Tools:

Community Information

Sometimes you love where you are, but have to move anyway. When that happens, you need to research the new area and get a good snapshot of the community. This tool will help you begin that search and even allow you to compare two locations.

School Report Card

If children are, or will be a part of your life, you�ll want to find a location that has great schools. Our School Reports tool allows you to see how schools rank and perform in a multitude of disciplines, allowing you to select a new community that will be good for your whole family.

Cost of Living Calculator

Moving somewhere new can have a significant financial impact even after the move. Our Cost of Living Calculator will help you analyze and compare expenses in whatever area you choose, allowing you explore potential locations and narrow the opportunities.

Crime Reports

You need to feel safe about where you�re moving. The Crime Reports feature allows you to look up areas in a location and see how they measure on crime. It�s a great way to make sure you don�t find just the right home, only to move in and realize you�re in a crime center.

Community Explorer

Moving is about more than a home, it�s about the community too. Our Community Explorer allows you to look for communities in a given area that best match the one you�ve come to love. Make sure you know all of your new options and neighborhoods in the new city.

Financial Calculators

Few things have the ability to dramatically impact your finances like moving does. It can lead to a lot of unknowns and worries that can make your move seem really scary. Our Financial Calculators can answer some of those questions, and help you plan your move thoroughly.

Salary Analyzer

What you earn can mean very different things based on where you live. Our Salary Analyzer can help you explore what type of salary you might need depending on where you want to live. This can be an effective way of choosing a new location, without having to sacrifice your lifestyle.

Personal Move Planner

Need a tool to take the frustration out of moving and make it infinitely more enjoyable? This cloud based planner will do just that. A complete list of tasks, reminders and step by step guidance takes the headache out of organizing a move. With Relofrog, moving to a new pad has never been so simple! It really is Relocation Made Easy.

Moving Estimate

Need an estimate for moving costs? Our free form will get you all the information you need. Just fill it out and you will have your quote within 8 hours sent to the email provided.

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